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Adventure Activities

Adventure Activities in Nepal, Himalayas holiday, Enduro adventure: Nepal being a diversified country based on its geography, religion, culture, etc  provides chance of several adventure activities that travelers seeks. To the adventure seekers, Nepal visit can be a best option. Be it in river or air or land, you choose, the adventure is guaranteed.

With the start of Tourism in 1995 several adventure activities in Nepal, Himalayas holiday, Enduro adventure, outdoor adventure are organized in Nepal. One can flow with river by rafting, Kayaking or fly like a bird by everest sky diving,  paragliding, swing in the air or bungee jump or simply go rock climbing even experience enduro ride of bike and motorcycle on the dirt tire or exploration of the cave.  So Nepal is full of wonders for all of the adventure seekers around the world. Several travelers come to Nepal just for Adventure sports and Adventure activities in Nepal which they can experience only in Himalayas.

Several adventure activities found in Nepal like heli skiing, Everest sky diving, Paragliding, Bungee jumping, jip fly, stand up paddle, Bike tour, Motorcycle tour,Marathon in Himalayas, rock climbing, enduro ride, canyoning, white water rafting etc. some can only be found in Nepal some we might get to experience in different part of the world. And it is our job to let the world know what they will get if they make there adventure possible for this beautiful country Nepal

Our team of experts are always exploring different destination in search for new adventure activities,Himalayas holiday and enduro adventure. There is no guarantee when new destination will be found or when we need to have some renovation for the old destination our team is always ready to provide all kind of help to make Nepal the best destination for all the travelers.

You dream and we make you live an adventurous life!!

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