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‘Shangri La’, ‘the Rooftop of the World’ – locked away in its Himalayan fortress, Tibet has long exercised a siren’s hold on the imagination of the West. Tibetans are used to hardship, and despite the disastrous Chinese occupation, they have managed to keep their culture and humour alive. The roof of the world is an unforgettable land of curious nomads, mysterious gompas and vast breath-taking panoramas. In Lhasa, long the Forbidden City, experience the timeless and most holy Jokhang temple and see the legendary eighth-wonder Potala Palace. Depong, Sera and many more….

Samye is deservedly the most popular destination for travellers in the region. The monastery, in the middle of the sandy Samye valley and approached via a beautiful river crossing, has a magic about it that causes many travellers to stay longer than they had intended. It was Tibet’s very first monastery and has a history that spans over 1200 years.

Visitors on vacation to ethnic Tibet can discover Buddhist monasteries and pilgrimage sites, as well as trekking routes through some of the most stunning mountain scenery in the world. In addition there is Mt. Kailash the most sacred place in Asia.

Although Tibetan history can be traced thousands of years back, the written history only dates back to the 7th century. Its history can be divided into four Period as follows:

The Tsangpo Period. 127 A.D. -847 A.D.

The Period of Decentralization 842 A.D. – 1260 A.D.

The Period of Sakya, Pagdu and Karmpa`s Rule. 1260 A. D-1642 A.D.

The period of the Ganden Podrang`s Administration.1642 A.D-959A.D.
After the Dalai Lama took political asylum in India in 1959, Tibet has been ruled by The People’s Government of the Tibetan Autonomous Region which is a part of People’s Republic of China.
Tibet is known for its unique Culture and religion. Buddhism influenced Tibet after Tsrong Tsang Gampo, the 33rd Tibetan king of 7th century, married Nepali Princess Bhrikuti. After the marriage Buddhism slowly started to replace the Bon Po religion and it took better shape after the king’s minister translated the first Buddhist scripture said to have been descended from the heaven on 5th century and written in Sanskrit. Now Buddhism is the soul of Tibet and Tibetans. Small number of population are Muslim and there is no trace of Christians and other religions.

Spiritual traditions, temples and monasteries, lakes and rivers, and mighty snow clad peaks are just a few of the intoxicating wonders to be experienced by adventurous travelers who get the opportunity to visit this land. Buddhism, with a history of some 1,300 years is shaped into a unique form of “Lamaism”. Tibetan history, culture and religion are mixed together and infiltrate every aspect of social life. Tibetan religious arts have a distinctive style with adoption of Indian and Chinese Buddhist influence, thus forming a pearl of Oriental Buddhist art. Festivals in Tibet are numerous providing many opportunities for large and exciting celebrations. So come and visit a the land rich in mountains, monks, mystery and adventure.

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