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Kanchenjunga Region

May be we have not traveled enough to the mountains or there is am urge to get more experience of the mountains on different part. Then Kanchenjunga region might be the perfect place for you and your fellow men of travelers. Trekking in Nepal has always been the place of dreams for all the trekkers with 8 of the world top mountains lies of the landlocked country Nepal among the 10 tallest mountain of the world.

Kanchenjunga region consist of one that gives the opportunities to experience the third highest mountain of the world that partly lies in the land of Nepal with the top and the rest to the Sikkim, India. Elevation wages up to 8586 m limited to the west by tamur river, in the north by Lhonak Chu and Jongsang La and Teesta river in the east.

Three among the five high peak main, central and the south are the border line for Sikkim and Nepal with two remain on Taplejung District. Also known as the Five Treasure of Snow with the five highest peak was assumed to be the highest mountain until 1852 but was officially announced as third highest in 1856.

Kanchenjunga Region first climbed on 25th may 1955 by Joe Brown and George Band as a part of British Expedition and has been climbed ever since to be stopped short of the summit leaving the top of the mountain for the world to remain inviolate and has been followed by every climbers to make it stand as beautiful as it can be.

Since then Kanchenjunga region has been climbed with different name among the trekker as Kanchenjunga Circuit trek, Lumba Subma Pass trek, Base Camp trek, Kanchanjunga Summit trek, Makalu and Kanchenjunga trek and with many others which can symbolize this mountain to its best in all even with just a name. Many books has also been written to prove it to the climbers among the world.

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